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“In partnership with BIM Consultancy towards ISO 19650”

What we do

Scan Registration

2D Plans

3D & BIM

Measured Surveys

Our Services

With over 50 years of combined experience in the Geomatics Industry providing measured surveys we realised that an efficient back-office service for this industry was needed.

Scan to BIM

OutSurv is a back-office service outsourcing “Scan to BIM”.

CAD Plans

We take your CAD plans or digital laser scan surveys and draught them into 2D or 3D for your Building Industry projects.

Reducing costs

Our prime purpose is to reduce your costs and provide a drafting service without the expensive overheads.

Measured Surveys

We provide an onsite measured survey service with all our works coming with 2D and 3D as standard. 

Who do we help?

Today OutSurv is used discretely by architects, interior designers, developers, consultants and measured surveyors.

Providing affordable high quality, done-for-you, drafting services resulting in CAD models and plans ready for your clients.


How long does an average project take?

A typical 200msq building from upload to completion is typically 5 to 10 working days, depending on complexity.

What types of projects do we specialize in?

Our standard and main work flows are small to medium size domestic properties and small to medium size commercial projects.

We do take on one off contract work for larger scale projects reaching into the 10,000msq or more. However this is done on a case by case bases.

What is our typical client and size?

Client sizes vary considerably from owner operators, to larger survey firms with 15 to 20 surveyors. We are even involved with start ups, providing the total back office solutions and removing the need for the firm to take on costly staff overheads at the outset. In fact we have seen an increase in survey firms through the Covid pandemic that have reduced staff increasing their service with us, as we are a viable cost effective solution.

We mainly serve the measured surveying industry but have clients from other sectors that require as built plans. If your unsure please feel free to call for an informal discussion to see if we could benefit your project requirements.

Fee structure

We offer a subscription based service with monthly invoicing for large scale processing, and for singular projects its on a individual tender basis. Please feel free to contact us directly for further information.

What are our fees

To discuss fee’s please do call for an informal chat about the work flow you have and the complexity as it can vary. 

Minimum & Maximum project volumes

We operate on a 4 week cycle and as such the minimum number of projects is 1 per week with this going up in multiples of 4, for subscription based services. (e.g. 4, 8, 12 , 16….., projects per 4 week period).

Do we do test or trial projects?

Absolutely, in fact we believe this is extremely important, we understand that the relationship must be both ways and suitable for all, and this could not be achieved without doing a trial project or two before both parties commit. This also helps to iron out any technical issues in export formats from different softwares prior to main work flows coming online.


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